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Linking past and present entrepreneurs together through business acquisitions and transitions

The mission of Sea Link Ventures, LLC (SLV) is to link exiting entrepreneurs with present ones, seeking to achieve entrepreneurship through acquisition. SLV is an individual investment firm, founded by entrepreneur Jay Subramaniam, that acquires and operates small businesses, primarily remote or on the US East Coast. Our mission is to build upon the exiting entrepreneur’s legacy to maximize the following outcomes:

  1. Long term sustainable growth,

  2. Employee retention and livelihood creation, and

  3. Ethical business operations.

By linking past and present together through an orderly business sale and transition, we all can ensure the continued legacy of the business for the future. 

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Comparing different business buyers

Unlike traditional private equity firms and search funds, we are independent and do not take investment capital from larger investors. SLV is positioned hold indefinitely, for the long term, instead of focusing on a quick exit or reducing personnel.

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